Aielli, twinning with Palestine in Borgo Universo

Three days of Borgo Universo Festival will be dedicated to Palestinian culture. The twinning was born in collaboration between the community of Aielli (L’Aquila), the Palestinian Embassy in Italy and the University of Bethlehem. “This is an initiative – the promoters explain – that wants to represent this ideal place, a place where no one is a foreigner and where each person becomes a spokesperson through the multiple languages ​​of communication, poetry, music, traditions and art in all its forms”.

Hence the idea of ​​”Borgo Universo for Palestine”, with three days of cultural initiatives, from 29 to 31 July, where concerts, poetry readings, murales, photographic exhibitions, video projections, literary, gastronomic and craft initiatives will alternate, with the presence of local institutions, representatives of the Palestinian Embassy, artists and guests of international standing, who will participate with a spirit of solidarity in the event, which will include the presence of a delegation from the Liceo Benedetto Croce in Avezzano ( L’Aquila). “The idea of ​​this twinning – the promoters add – is also projected towards an open and inclusive future, so that a bit of Aielli sprouts in Palestine and a bit of Palestine grows in Aielli, so that bridges can be built instead of walls and so that, finally, a possible dream comes true, without borders”.On Friday at 11 am the inauguration of the mural “Taqispateen” was scheduled, in the presence of the Ambassador of the Palestinian Authority in Italy, Abeer Odeh. In the evening, live music with Ashraf Said & Saleh Tawill, from 10pm. On Saturday there will be lessons of comics and themed photographic exhibitions. In the afternoon, at 5.30 pm there will be a poetic reading by Marco Cinque (with Beppe Costa, Alessandra Brava, John Claude Smith and Odeh Amarneh). Workshops and exhibitions will also continue on Sunday 31th, with themed film screenings. The three days will be accompanied by Palestinian street food. For the occasion, a special edition Borgo Universo T-shirt has been designed which will be on sale until August 4th.

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