Embassy of Palestine in Italy


The Embassy of Palestine is located in a house of Viale Guido Baccelli, in Rome, in the district of San Saba. A very pleasant meeting place with views over Caracalla Thermal Baths (216  AD) and a flowery garden that welcomes initiatives open to the whole citizenship in the broadest and most inclusive sense of the term.

Like the other embassies in Italy, the one of the State of Palestine – formerly PLO delegation – looks after relations between the State which it represents and the State where it is located,  aware of the fact that globalization and new means of communication have changed the meaning of this work.

It is the interest of the Embassy to collect in Italy and transmit to Palestine all the information that, from a geopolitical, sociological and cultural point of view, could be considered by the State of Palestine to strengthen relations between the two countries and to exchange good practice.

But it is above all the reverse course that is at the heart of the staff of the Embassy, ​​starting with the Ambassador and the Foreign Ministry to which he is responding. The main objective of the Palestine Embassy in Italy is to inform the leadership of this country, its government and its people, the institutions and their associations, about the situation of Palestine, which has been under occupation for the last 50 years, and that of Palestinian refugees, who have been exiled since nearly 70; about the cultural richness of a people who has offered and continues to offer a lot to the world of literature, music and the arts, despite the oppressive conditions in which it is forced.

The aim is essentially to raise awareness in Italy and, through Italy, in Europe and the international community in general, about an injustice (even diplomatic) that goes on from Nakba’s day: that 15 May 1948 which came 24 hours after the proclamation of the birth of the State of Israel. It is to remind Italy and its people of the existence of the State of Palestine. A State that recognized by the vast majority of countries around the world but cannot act as such and cannot guarantee its citizens the rights which they deserve, because Israel, by trampling on international law and violating innumerable UN resolutions, continues to occupy its land and legislate over its people.

In the same spirit of mutual knowledge and recognition, the Embassy offers services for the socio-economic, educational and cultural integration of Palestinian citizens who live in Italy, and assists citizens residing in Italy who want to go to Palestine.

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