Consular Affairs

Consular Affairs

The Consulate of Palestine is the office in a foreign country where the Palestinian Consul operates.

The Consulate in a foreign country has the competences that other public administration bodies carry out in the country of origin.

Tasks and services

The Consulate provides protection to all fellow citizens in case of violation of their rights, or in  case of limitation or deprivation of their personal liberty.

In addition, in emergency cases, it provides assistance in the search of relatives.

The consulate deals in particular with:

  • Set-up, transcription and issuance of civil status records;
  • Renewal of passports;
  • Notarial acts, signature authentication, legalization.


Nidal Dawabi
Ambasciata dello Stato di Palestina
Viale Guido Baccelli 10
00153 Roma
Tel +39067005041 – +39067008791
Fax: +39065747924

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