Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Palestine in Rome

“The revolution is not just a revolver, but a farmer’s picker, a doctor’s scalpel, a writer’s pen, a poet’s pulse, and an artist’s brush”
The martyr Yasser Arafat
the Cultural Attaché is one of the important departments at the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Italy; it presents, organizes and coordinates services and cultural and educational events, and organizes events with all interested parties from the Palestinian community in Rome, individuals, formal and informal italian institutions and Arab embassies. It also participates directly or indirectly in the scientific and cultural event to which the Embassy is invited. The cultural attaché also coordinates the cultural and educational delegations that come in Italy.
Vision, mission, objectives and cultural means of the Embassy of Palestine in Italy
Palestine and the Palestinians have a national, Arab and human cultural identity that is based on the values of knowledge, freedom, virtue and beauty. A cultural identity that is open and evolving, that respects and maintains intellectual, political and religious pluralism. It maintains material and moral heritage and the sense of belonging of Palestinians based on the values of equality and freedom. Moreover, it contributes to the cognitive production of the entire humanity.
The Palestinian cultural identity is subject to many attempts of theft, distortion and confiscation. Therefore, we seek to strengthen, nurture, preserve and promote it as part of the national identity and the Arab and human civilization, and to confirm the natural and cultural bond with Palestine and the diaspora. It is one of the tools of the daily struggle garnished with the past and the present to promote the future of freedom and independence. It collaborates locally and internationally and contributes in building conscious, balanced national character that believes in dialogue and appreciates differences.
Objectives and Means
  • To inform the sons of the second and third generation of the Palestinian community in Italy and enriching them with the Palestinian national culture, that enhances the sense of belonging through the material and moral heritage in all its forms and manifestations such as rules of behaviour, morals, values, customs, traditions, language, heritage and arts in all its forms (dancing, Dabka, singing, building, painting), food, clothing, literature, poetry, written and oral tradition as much as we can in the spirit, advantages and concepts of the modern era such as technology, human rights etc., spreading joy and optimism.
  • To inform the Italian citizens of the Palestinian culture through the events that the Embassy conducts like festivals, workshops, conferences, and exhibitions of art, photography and heritage. Publishing, translating and presenting books, plays, screening films. Moreover, participating and accepting the invitations to the events of the Italian society to affirm a Palestinian cultural presence wherever and whenever possible.

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