The Palestinian Ambassador to Italy at the general assembly of Filcams CGIL in Catania

Boycott Israel and boycott all companies and institutions that benefit from Israeli system relations. The appeal of the Palestine ambassador to Italy, Abeer Odeh, hosted today by the general assembly of Filcams CGIL in Catania, was expressed with great clarity. The category of Tertiary workers and the Chamber of Labor itself have welcomed the diplomat and her appeal with great favor. Odeh for the occasion was also welcomed by the general secretary Carmelo De Caudo and the confederal secretariat.

“Together we must develop practical steps to end the illegal Israeli colonial occupation and dismantle the apartheid regime that targets the Palestinian people – he said – by stopping financing the occupation, stopping the export of weapons and military aid in Israel, which are used to kill our people who are fighting for freedom; we also call for the boycott of all products in the stolen Palestinian land, (…) the boycott of all companies and institutions benefiting from the consolidation of the Israeli colonial system, bilateral and multilateral measures to isolate the Israeli apartheid regime and the imposition of global sanctions against those who promote settlement assets ”.

The CGIL of Catania declared itself “honored” to receive the ambassador. “The last tragic period consolidates our idea of ​​closeness to the demands of a people who experience the injustice of not being recognized as such – reads a note from the Chamber of Labor.  The dramatic events that have characterized this last period give us a sense of how urgent it is to clarify to restore the rules of fundamental law in those areas of the world. International diplomacy must take on great responsibilities and unfortunately it does not shine with examples and decisive interventions.

In over 100 years of conflict, UN resolutions and international treaties have given us hope for peace in the Middle East, but feelings of prevarication and injustice have always prevailed. The treaties were punctually disregarded and an unequal struggle was generated between peoples which led to an unjust and chilling war.

In this context, the logic of the two states is not enough, we need an awareness against the prevarication of the stronger against the weaker.

An organization like ours cannot be silent against this injustice and cannot fail to underline our closeness and solidarity and that the Palestinian people must be recognized, free and independent. Diplomatic maneuvers are the correct way but we must aspire to a real, concrete and rational solution in the Middle East”.

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The general assembly to discuss the most important general policies of the Tertiary sector, was convened today by the general secretary of the category, Davide Foti, who emphasized the undeclared work, the need to respect national contracts, the absolute need to avoid the release of layoffs, and this also by participating in the demonstration on Monday in Bari.

The assembly hosted the intervention of workers representing various sectors, from catering to clothing to tourism.

The assembly was also attended by the confederal secretary Peppe D’Aquila, Monja Caiolo regional secretary Filcams Cgil and Maria Grazia Gabrielli national general secretary Filcams Cgil, who stressed that as long as the conditions in Palestine remain so serious and critical, the CGIL will promote the recognition of the State of Palestine. Gabrielli also recalled the importance of the national event on June 26 that will be distributed between Turin, Florence and Bari, explaining that “in this country there is a tendency not to connect work and quality. Or to find it normal for companies to hire with pirate contracts” which certainly do not favor workers.

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