“Important meetings of the Ambassador of Palestine in Sicily”

The Ambassador of Palestine, Abeer Odeh, made a 3-day trip to Sicily during which she had the opportunity to participate in very interesting meetings.

On 24 June, the Ambassador met Alfio Mannino, Secretary General of CGIL Sicily, and Carmelo De Caudo, Secretary General of CGIL Catania, then speaking at the General Assembly of Filcams CGIL in Catania, held in the historic headquarters of CGIL in Catania .


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On 25 June the Ambassador first met the Mayor of Catania Salvo Pogliese and late in the morning the Archbishop of Catania H.E.R. Mons. Salvatore Gristina, at the Cathedral of Sant’Agata.

The Ambassador with the Mayor of Catania
The Ambassador asked the Mayor of Catania to put pressure on the Italian government to recognize the State of Palestine and Mayor Pugliese declared that everyone must live in peace, two peoples and two States.
The Ambassador with the Mayor of Catania
The Archbishop reiterated to the Ambassador the support of the Church of Catania for a Palestinian State where everyone can live in peace and security and added that at the end of Sunday prayer he would pray for Palestinian families and children.
The Ambassador with the Archbishop

On 26 June, the Ambassador met the Mayor of Capaci, who illustrated the site of the massacre. In a statement, the Mayor recalled that “The name of our municipality, about thirty years ago rose to the fore in the international news for a cursed bomb detonated by murderous hands; now it has the opportunity to welcome the Ambassador of a people tormented and troubled, to which the international community must guarantee the possibility of peaceful and civil coexistence, in an area of ​​the Middle East which has now become a permanent scenario of violence, oppression and conflict, where the explosions of bombs almost constitute the “soundtrack” that marks the tragic daily life of its inhabitants”. The Mayor himself, at the end of the meeting, commented: “It was an honour to welcome the Ambassador of Palestine to Italy, Abeer Odeh, to the Palazzo Conti Pilo di Capaci today.

The Ambassador with the Mayor of Capaci

Together with the entire Council and many representatives of the City Council, we listened to and welcomed the appeal of the Palestinian diplomat, who expressed the need on the part of every Italian community to express themselves so that the Italian State recognizes the Palestinian State. With regard to the Arab-Israeli conflict, with particular reference to the latest recent events that have hit the Gaza Strip, the Ambassador said: ‘The existence of two peoples and two States appears to be necessary in order to create the conditions for lasting stability and definitive peace’. Our community, always on side of the oppressed, can only support this legitimate request and alongside the Palestinian people asks for the recognition of their official State.

We wish to host Abeer Odeh again, to celebrate one day together the end of a conflict that has lasted too long and that needs the support and attention of the entire international community to bring it to an end.



On the same day of 26 the Ambassador moved to Palermo to meet the Palestinian community of this city .

The Ambassador with the Palestinian community of Palermo

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