Visit of the Ambassador of Palestine to Aielli and a Piece of land becomes Palestinian

“A fantastic day. We offered the ambassador the best part of our country: it was an honor for us to witness her astonishment. We are happy that she enjoyed everything we showed her. This confirms that with art you can capture any taste, any palate and you can become a cultural reference point in the entire Marsican context. We have laid the foundations for further cultural and communication exchanges with the Palestinian embassy “. This is what was declared by the mayor of Aielli Enzo Di Natale at the end of the visit of the Palestine ambassador Abeer Odeh to Borgo Universo on 27 July. A historic day for the village, just a month after the institutional presence of the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini and a year after his meeting, in the alleys of the open-air museum, with the Israeli ambassador Yael Rubinstein.

From today “there is a small piece of land here in Aielli that we donated to Palestine, as a symbolic act of hope”, added Di Natale; “May it be a good omen in the long and tiring process of resolving the great conflicts in the Middle East and beyond. May it be a stimulus to the fight against unacceptable inequalities”. The diplomat arrived this morning, around 10:30. After the institutional greetings inside the local council chamber, she was accompanied by the mayor, the municipal council and the boys of the La Maesa Cooperative along the streets of the village, following the most classic of paths to discover the masonry works. The tour ended in front of the Fontamara mural. A brief rediscovery of the literary work, then the ambassador was given a copy of the novel as a gift from the Libert’aria association.

Around 4 pm the group resumed the visit program and went inside the Torre delle Stelle. Finally, at 5 pm, the expected performance by Riccardo Matlakas, Pro-Occupation, the occupation of a portion of the Aiellese land, which has officially become Palestinian land. About half an hour of performance during which the artist defined the borders and planted an olive tree, a symbol of claiming the lands taken from Palestine.

A moment of strong emotional impact, which captured the ambassador’s attention and gave a signal of closeness to the civil tragedy of the Palestinian people. “I am very impressed by the humanity of these people – the words of the ambassador at the end of the visit – Everything in the village reminded me of my native village, near Jerusalem. I felt the warmth of an extraordinary welcome, I felt surrounded by my family. I thank everyone for this. Matlakas’ performance thrilled me. There are too many places in the world where there are injustices: we must fight so that everyone can live in a better and more just world “.

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